W.O.W. (Walking on Water)

W.O.W. (Walking on Water)

Meet Diane!

by Ransom Ministries on 08/18/15

Give generously to them and do so without a grudging heart; then because of this the Lord your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to." --Deuteronomy 15:10

When you think of a homeless person, what image comes to mind? Are they male or female? Black or white? What kind of personality do you think this person has? What's their story?

What we've found in working with all types of people is that it's really true that each person is unique. Labels and stereotypes don't adequately describe giant groups of people. When we start replacing generalized terms like “the homeless” or “the poor” with individual names, faces and stories, we start understanding why God is so obsessed with the individuals that make up these marginalized people groups. Did you know the Bible contains more than 300 verses dealing with God's deep concern for the poor? These individuals are always on God's mind; therefore they should also be on our minds, too. Each person we meet, whether they're rich, poor, employed, unemployed, black, white, young or old deserves to be seen as a child of God. And when we begin to see people this way, God begins to bless us with deeper understanding of his character and his amazing grace. 

We'd like to introduce you to a friend of ours who might help illustrate this point. This is Diane.

Before Diane, our homeless friends received haircuts sporadically — volunteers would show up every now and then, but no one could help meet this need on a regular basis. In 2014, we gave 168 haircuts, and in January and February of this year, we gave zero. Then in March, we met Diane, a cosmetologist who was homeless and lived in Tent City.

Soon after discovering Ransom Cafe, Diane began coming each Monday to give haircuts. From March to July, Diane has give 211 haircuts — more in five months than we were able to give the entire year of 2014. When people offer to tip her, she directs them to our donation box. Her positivity and generous spirit brings life to a place that can seem hopelessly dark some days.

Almost every time Diane shows up to cut hair, she brings someone new with her.

This one doesn't belong out there,” she'll say. “We need to help him get out.” She helps others get set up with a tent, a much more desirable setup than sleeping on the street.

It takes a special woman to earn respect and protection out in Tent City, and Diane has done just that. Although she has recently obtained housing, Diane still spends most of her time with her homeless friends. She is the “momma” of Tent City, and each week, she enlists new people to help her, reinforcing our goal to give a hand up instead of a hand out.

After she moved into her apartment, a friend of Diane's asked her why she would still choose to help others when they couldn't provide her anything in return. She replied that God has been so good to her and others helped her when they didn't have to — why wouldn't she pass along the blessing to someone else?

Diane is now a student in Ransom ReProgram, an 8-week job training program that helps candidates overcome barriers to employment. She hopes to continue to help with haircuts and even wants to train others through apprenticeship so they can make a better life for themselves.


What a Journey these 2 years have been!!

by Ransom Ministries on 09/28/12

As you can tell I am not much of a blogger but I thought it was time to share some things God has been teaching us as well as some of the awesome things that have been going on with Ransom Ministries.  The Homeless On Purpose project really changed the way I looked at things when it comes to those in need. Many times we look at someone and see what we want to see and think what we want to think. This causes us to judge a person before we know the situation they are are in or coming out of. I know the past two years have caused our family to really rely on God and His leading and trusting him fully.  Each day we realize that we are right where God wants us and that is an awesome  feeling but also scary at times. God keeps on showing Himself to us in so many ways. I cant begin to tell you everything He has done in our lives and in the lives of those He has let us meet. I will do my best to catch you all up on what God has been doing in and through Ransom Minsitries.

We had a great summer we were able to reach out to the community with a great group of students from Little Rock Arkansas. Over the week we saw many people realize that reaching out to those in need (which really is everyone you meet) is not that hard you just have to be available. We saw them grow as the week went on and each of them came away with things that changed their lives and things they could take home with them. This week also changed us and helped us do what we do. I would say watching my sister and her family serve and really just get it was the most rewarding thing I had experienced in a long time. They were able to carry it home to Colorado and they are reaching out where they are as well.

We have seen so many people that are hurting and just need someone to love them or listen to them come through Ransom this year. We have seen young children that just want to play catch with a ball, widows that just need to belong, elderly men and women that just want someone to listen to them, Young people that want to serve but just need someone to lead them, Homeless that just want a meal or a shower, Families want to know someone is struggling like them and people from all walks of life that need to know someone cares.

We have seen that if we are there  for them then that opens the door for Jesus to heal them and give them hope. We know that we dont have anything in and of ourselves to give them but we have the best thing we can give them and that is Jesus and His love. .

We have seen God open so many doors to reach people we have seen people come to the saving knowledge of Jesus through serving them a hot meal,a pair of shoes,  a hot shower,  letting them wash dishes, Sweep floors, wipe tables or just talk. That is what is so cool about what we get to do its just everday activities that reach people and really let them see the real Jesus not the one we have made up in our minds or seen in the religious crowd 

We know that many people dont understand what we do and why we do it so I want to try to put it into words the best I can.  WE LOVE PEOPLE WHERE THEY ARE plain and simple. I know Jesus spent a lot of time around the dinner table (thanks to my friend Brett) and showed that He was willing to sit down with people that most saw as outcasts we have also seen that most of His ministry was not done in the church or temple but in the community, homes  and streets we feel if it was good enough for Him it is good enough for us. This is a long and messy process sometimes and it takes just being there and letting God do everything else. Sometimes we make this so much harder then it has to be.  Jesus showed us the way to get in peoples lives, Love them and take them as they are and then be there for them.

This is all very overwhelming at times but we know that  is when God is so REAL when we are in so deep we cant depend on our knowledge, strength, skills or our own abilities we just have to depend on Him. God keeps stretching us in ways we never could of imagined sometimes to the point of not being able to breath. Then He does something or sends someone with an encouraging word that just shows us He is in control.  Who would of thought 2 years ago we would be starting our 3rd location in 3 different churches and denominations. We have seen the vision of Ransom come to pass in ways only God could do.  We have seen people come together no matter what church they belong to reach the needs of a community and it is so exciting to be a part of.

One thing we need everyone to realize that part of this ministry is to come and eat and sit with those you might not get to meet in your day to day life. So next time you are thinking about going to lunch at one of the many restuarants in Mobile come out to a Ransom location near you and know your money is going to help those in need to understand Gods love and see it come to life. Hey you might even meet someone that could change your life I know we have it is awesome when a person you have gotten to know comest to you when they are having a hard time or have had something awesome happen to them.

I guess to sum it all up God has been teaching us that this life is not about us its about Him. We also have seen that this minstry is for everyone because everyone has needs and struggle with something no matter how it looks on the outside. I know we do and this has allowed us to see that He is there for us.

I hope this all makes sense I am not the best writer I just shared what was on my heart. I know that God has made each of us with a purpose and for a long time I seached for mine and now I know this is what He made me to do but I must admit there are days I wonder why but then again it doesnt matter He did.

Ask God what He wants you to do with this life He has blessed you with. He will use you no matter where you are. So just surrender and give it to Him. My prayer for you is to just step out there and see how He will hold you up when you dont think you can.



Homeless on Purpose Final Day

by Ransom Ministries on 03/02/12

Homeless on Purpose

Day 3 and Final Day


I got up this morning and still felt like I was suppose to pack up my tent, sleeping bag, and the food I had received from the church yesterday and God would lead me to someone that needed it.  After getting it all packed up I headed out to the bus stop. I had $5.00 left so I could buy an all day bus ticket for $3.00. I walked up and the bus wasn’t there yet so I waited. It came around 7 and my money was still wet so it would not go into the machine. The driver did not have any dry money to swap me for it, but a nice younger guy had some ones he traded with me.  I really had no idea where I was going but I knew this bus would at least get me to the mall where all the other buses leave from. I got to the mall around 7:30 and waited on the next bus. I prayed and felt like I was suppose to go to the Tillman’s Corner area. I got on that bus and I was shocked to see all the people that use the bus to go to work. Think how hard it would be to time it so you weren’t late to work. I did meet a lady named Joan that is homeless and she rides the bus all day long for her $3. She doesn’t really have anywhere to go, but it gets her out of the weather and she mostly sleeps. I said, “I bet that is great when it is raining,” she nodded her head. She was nice but painfully shy, so I didn’t get much of her story.  The bus takes you to the Walmart on Rangeline Road so I got off the there. My feet were still killing me. The whole bottom of both feet was covered by blisters. I started walking towards the Tillman’s Corner area. I was walking across a parking lot asking God to show me who needed the stuff I was to give away.  I walked for about 30 min. and then I saw a man coming towards me. I felt in my spirit that this was the man that needed it.  I walked up to him and asked him if he knew of anyone that needed a tent. This man, named Butch, started to tear up. He said that he and his wife had been sleeping on the ground in the woods, covering up with a tarp and they needed a tent. I told him that God wanted him to have this one along with a sleeping bag and some food.  Butch was a very hard looking man, but I could almost visibly see his hard exterior melt away and reveal a man that was hurting and in need. God used me to me that need for him. I knew for sure that I had heard from God and it wasn’t me just wanting to go home. Butch asked me if I wanted to meet his wife so I walked back in the woods with him and met her. He showed me the spot they had been staying and he was very proud to show his wife the tent. She was excited but you could tell she did not totally trust me.  It was so awesome to see God meet the need of someone I didn’t even know before that day and He let me be a part of it. They just wanted someone to care. It didn’t matter who, just someone.  I left them and went to McDonalds to get a cup of coffee and also charged my phone.  I then started walking back towards the woods that I had left Butch and his wife in and I met Jeffery. He was an older gentleman who had lost his job and had been out of work for awhile and had really just given up on ever finding work. We talked about how long he had been homeless and then got into a conversation about church and Jesus. He assured me that if it wasn’t for Jesus, he couldn’t make it out there, but he was feeling defeated.  Then up walked Rodger and he began to talk to us. They told me that most of the people out in the streets are not bad people. They said there are some bad people out there, but they don’t hang around with them.  I saw some really neat qualities in these two guys that I wish I had sometimes. I know a lot of people including myself before I really started getting to know people in this position, would see these guys and think “Bum! Why don’t he get a job?!” but these guys are people, hurting, confused, struggling, people. I count it a blessing to have met these guys and to find out a small part of what they are struggling with. They seemed to open up to me because I was one of them. But really I think they would open up to anyone that seemed like they cared. It was a really eye opening experience and I thanked God for leading me there.  Well, I decided I was going to walk back to the bus. It was now close to 11a.m. and I could get on the bus and maybe go get a hot meal at 15 Place, a place for people to eat and get help downtown. I got on the bus and it took me to the mall and then I had to get on another bus to go downtown. We got downtown around 12:00 and the drop off was about 12 blocks from 15 Place so I had to walk. It was Mardi Gras, so there were many people downtown that day. I got to 15 place and they were closed. I then walked to the square downtown and asked a couple of homeless guys if anyone was feeding today and they said the Salvation Army was at 3 pm. I was starving. I started to walk around looking for something to eat. I walked down Government Street and there were parades going on. Everyone was having a blast.  I had only been out there 3 days and I missed my family so much. Watching all these people with their families made it even worse.  I walked and people on the floats threw things my way. A moon pie landed at my feet and I picked it up so fast, I about hurt my back. I ate that thing so fast and then went looking for more. That was the best moon Pie I had ever eaten! I probably ate 8 moon pies and I needed some water, but only had 15 cents. I walked and saw a vendor booth and went up to the man and asked him if he had some water and how much it was. He said, “This is donation only. We are trying to do what a local café does here and help people out.”  I smiled and thought God you are so good! He just kept giving me signs that I was right where He wanted me.  I told the man at the booth I only had 15 cents. He said “Well, that’s a donation.” I had to walk another 10 blocks to catch the bus because the bus was not coming all the way into town since it was Mardi Gras. When I got to the bus stop it was 2:00 pm and I waited for the next bus. It never showed up, so I had to catch the bus going into the down town bus station and then catch the bus back to the mall. We pulled up to the GM&O building as the mall bus was leaving, so I had to wait another hour. I got to the mall around 5:00 pm and then back out to the Providence Hospital bus stop at 5:30 pm. I walked back to my car at the Café. I got there around 6:00 pm and I loaded my back pack and I climbed inside my car, sat down and just started to weep. It all hit me. All that I had experienced all I had felt and all I had seen. It was a flood of emotions. I thought about how blessed I am. And I thought of all those I had met and thousands all over this country that do not have a place to go home to. I drove home feeling so overwhelmed at all I had learned and all God was teaching me through this experience.


My Thoughts on Day 3:

 I learned that there are good people that are just in need of someone to show they care. I also learned that if we just get to know someone we might find out they are not that much different than us. Everyone has struggles in our lives. We don’t all have the same struggles, but we all struggle. We all want to belong and be treated with respect and just because we don’t have a home doesn’t take that desire away. I would like everyone that reads this to understand, is all people are made in God’s image no matter where they live or what they do. God loves them and He wants us to love them also. Show your fellow humans respect and treat them with the same respect you want to be treated with. We also need to be led more by the spirit of God and not by our spirit of fear when it comes to helping others. God will lead us to a need and He will also give us the ability to meet that need if we would just ask Him. It breaks my heart when I think about all the blessings, like the one with Butch that I miss because I let my fear, busyness, ignorance, and indifference lead me instead of God’s spirit. I wonder how many times people cry out to God to meet a need and He puts it on someone’s heart to meet that need, but they ignore it because they are too busy or too scared. It looks to the person in need like God doesn’t care when it really isn’t God that doesn’t care, it’s us. We as the church need to stop preaching about a loving caring God and start living like we believe it.  People are tired of hearing about it. They want to see it and it starts with us.  I hope this has blessed each person that has taken the time to read it and that the next time you see a homeless person you will think, they are really just like you. You never know you might meet your next best friend.    

Homeless On Purpose Day 2

by Ransom Ministries on 02/28/12

“Homeless on Purpose”

Day 2

It is 6:00 am at the start of Day 2 and I had a rough night! Sound really carries in the woods and it sounded like everything was right on top of me. I got out of the tent and gathered all my wet clothes and put them in my wet backpack. I had decided to go to the Laundry mat and dry all my stuff including my bag. I headed that way. As I was coming out of the woods, a police officer was sitting in his car right where I came out and I thought “Oh no, I am busted,” but he didn’t even look at me.  I kept walking and stopped by a local hotel. I went in and asked if I could get a cup of coffee and the man at the desk said yes and pointed me to the coffee. This had to be the best cup of coffee I have had in a long time. I then walked to the convience store close by and I decided to ask if I could use the restroom. (For those that know me I have a thing about public restrooms, but I have a bigger thing about going out in the woods!) They said I could use their facilities, so I did and I also washed up while I was in there. It was now 6:45 and the laundry mat didn’t open until 7:00a.m., so I sat out front and waited for them to open. I took $2.00 and put everything I had in the dryer and dried it. At the same time I charged my phone up and looked at the newspaper. It was slow and not many people in the Laundry mat at this time of the morning, so it was nice. Once everything was dry, I decided to go in their bathroom and put on my dry clothes and then dry the ones I had on. After I finally finished drying everything, I decided to start walking and once again, it started to rain. I ran to an overhang of a local business so that I could keep everything dry. It didn’t rain long, so I got back to walking. I decided to figure out which church God wanted me to go so I started to pray. I walked and I was thinking man I am hungry. Then some friends and their son came by and handed me 2 doughnuts and I was thankful! Answered prayer!!! (I hope they’d do this even if it wasn’t me.)  I continued to walk and I felt the Lord lead me to a particular church. So, I headed that way walking past other churches and watching families going into church together. I started to miss my family and wonder what it is like for those that are out there each day, not really having anyone and seeing these people with their families. I continued to walk and I got to the church at 9:55 and the service started at 10:00.  God had confirmed this was the church He wanted me at. I went to the front door and the greeters were very friendly and pointed me to the door leading in to the worship room. I went in and it was dark, which was good. I sat on the back row and put my bag under my seat. The worship band was good, but I could not concentrate.  I kept thinking how hungry I was, did I stink, what if that cop goes in and tears up my tent, where am I going to get more food, man I have to walk all the way back and a host of other thoughts. To say it was hard to worship was an understatement. I actually left 30 min into the service. I began to walk again. I walked past other churches and saw people filing in. I really just wanted to be going to church with my family. I then stopped to rest a while.  From walking with soggy socks and wet feet the day before, the bottoms of my feet were now one solid blister. I then decided I would stop at another church and see if they offered any kind of food assistance. The first church I stopped at, I was met by a man at the door who asked me what I needed. I asked if they offered any kind of food assistance and he said,” No, we don’t do that,” and that was it. I walked away feeling kind of like an idiot. I came up on another church around 12:30 that had some cars in the parking lot and a sign out front that said “All Welcome,” so I thought maybe I can get some food here. I saw a man walking out and I said “excuse me sir” and he kept walking and then I said again “excuse me sir” and he looked towards me. I asked him, “Does your church offer food assistance to those in need?” He said, “I don’t know. I haven’t been going here long. Go ask someone inside.” So I walk towards the door and a couple comes out carrying a large plate of food. They will not look at me. But I say, “Excuse me, does your church offer any kind of food assistance?” They say, “We don’t know. There are some people inside.” So I go inside and there are two gentlemen inside the door and they ask me “Can we help you?” I say, “I sure hope so. Do you offer any kind of food assistance?”  They say, “No, we haven’t got that going yet, but maybe soon.” I then see a bunch of people in the other room and a large table full of food. I am guessing they are having some kind of a dinner for their members. I just say “ok” and walk away. This was probably the most humiliating, as well as sad thing I had experienced in this journey so far. I was really mad to say the least and I could see why the homeless I had met were so turned off by the church. I am not saying all churches are this way, but there should not be one like this. I then walked some more. I now know what Isaiah 58:7 means when it talks about the “poor wanderer.” I was just wandering with no real purpose or plan. I was at a loss. Honestly I was getting a little frustrated by now. I walked to a gas station and they let me use their bathroom and I drank water from the bathroom sink for what seemed like forever. I went outside and sat down on the sidewalk not really knowing what to do next. Well, I started walking and I came upon another church with a car in the lot. I thought to myself “Why bother?! They won’t give you anything. Why try?” I guess that is how those who are homeless feel also. I decided to go ahead and walk up there. When I did, I could tell the two ladies in the car did not want to roll down their window. A man came out from inside the church and the ladies rolled down the window. I asked them the same question I had asked the previous two churches and really expected the same answer, but to my surprise they said “Yes!” Praise God! They got the key to the food pantry and we went inside. They were very nice. They started to fill a bag for me with the typical canned vegetables that most churches give away: green beans, corn, and cranberry sauce. So, I told them I had no way to cook or open a can. They loaded my bag with pop tarts, canned beef stew (with a pop top), cereal and even gave me some soap and razors (I guess I looked pretty bad). They then offered to pray with me and to give me a ride to the Waterfront Rescue Mission. I told them thank you, but the food was enough. They were real nice and it made me very happy to see people actually doing what the church is suppose to do. When I got outside the door I put all the food in my back pack so that it was easier to carry and went on my way. God impressed on me that I should go back to this church and let them know what I was doing and donate towards their food ministry. I walked on my way the whole time thinking I need to get back to my tent and make sure everything is ok. It is now around 3:00pm. I get back to the tent around 4:00 and everything is good. That was a relief. It was starting to get cool and I knew I was in for a long night. I broke open the beef stew and ate it. Yes, I ate it cold and it was good! I started to put on layers of clothes. I stayed outside the tent for an hour or so and the whole time I couldn’t relax. I kept thinking someone was going to come walking up on me. So about 5:00 I get inside my tent and inside my sleeping bag, so I won’t get too cold to start the night off with. It then hits me, I am going to be in here for the next 13 hours with nothing to do. I start to read my Bible. At this point, I felt God telling me this will be my last night as a homeless person, but I wanted to make sure it was Him and not me. As I read, He led me to Isaiah 58:7 “Is it not to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter.” I knew I was to pack up my stuff in the morning and He would lead me to someone in need of my tent, sleeping bag and the food I had. It was getting dark and cold outside so I lied down.  I remember thinking 12 hours, 11 hours, 10 hours…. until daylight. I couldn’t get comfortable and I kept hearing all kinds of noises and thinking the worst of course. I prayed what seemed to be all night, but I did get a few hours of sleep and then it was morning. Thank you, God for the daylight!

My Thoughts on Day 2:

Well, as you see day 2 was quite an experience. This day helped me see the daily struggles of those in need. The frustration of humbling yourself to ask for help and not receiving it from where you feel you should. I felt the feeling of hopelessness and a lack of purpose that they must feel. What it’s like to just be wandering through life. I know most of you want to know what churches I stopped at but I am not going to say because we must decide which church WE will be. I will say I went to 3 different denominations. We are each the church and it is up to us individually to make a difference. I know this, most of us have categorized the homeless or those in need into two categories either criminals or lazy. I see that it doesn’t matter if they are good people we have already cast judgment on them based on their situation instead of the person that God made them. My 10 year old daughter told me, when I was getting ready to do this that I didn’t have to be afraid. I asked her why not and she said “because you are the one they are going to be afraid of.” I asked her why she thought that and she said, “because people are afraid of homeless people.” I asked her “why do you think people are afraid of homeless people?” and she said “because they don’t know them.” I then asked her “Are you afraid of those homeless people we have met at the café?” and she said “No, because I got to know them.” We need to get to know people before we pass judgment on them. I understand we must be careful and not just give a person the keys to our home. I do know if we walk in the spirit and allow God to lead us, He will show us what to do.  When someone says all Christians are hypocrites, it’s not fair to the Christian. When someone says all homeless are criminals or lazy that is not fair to them either. Many times in the Bible, God says help the poor and needy. God just wants us to be willing to help anyone and He will bring those in our path that He wants us to help. We can’t do everything, but we can do something. We just have to be willing. Join me today and ask God to show you a need and give you the ability to meet that need. 

Day 3 coming next and you will find out who God led me to give my stuff to. It is awesome!!

Homeless On Purpose Day 1

by Ransom Ministries on 02/27/12

Homeless on Purpose!!

“Day 1”


Over the past few months I have been praying about how to better relate to those we reach and come in contact with everyday. I have really never been without and never been homeless. So I prayed about it along with Tara, my wife, and I got this strong feeling to go homeless for a little while. I will tell you I pushed it out of my mind really quick. But it kept coming back and would not go away. I have made friends with many people in need because of job loss or other things out of their control and those that are without a place to lay their heads at night and have learned a lot but I knew I had no idea what they went through. So I kept praying for it to go away but it wouldn’t.  So Tara and I decided on a date and everything really worked out for me to do it. Well I started making plans to go homeless and see how long God would have me do it. The following is an account of the day by day journey and its struggles. The days leading up to this were very stressful. I could not concentrate on anything but the idea of having to do this. I guess in a small way it is what someone that is struggling with when they are first in danger of losing their homes. I had feelings of fear, uneasiness, and dread. 


Day 1

I started with a backpack, Tent, Sleeping bag, Books, one change of clothes, a protein bar, flashlight, $10.00 and the clothes on my back!!  It was Saturday 2/19 and I was still hoping God would change His mind and tell me I really didn’t have to do this.

I parked my car at the Café at 7:30 am and began to walk and thank God there was a break in the rain. I had decided where I was going to put my tent so I started walking there. It rained off and on all the way and I had to duck in McDonalds one time when the rain got real heavy.  After it let up, I walked a few more blocks and I got to the location I thought I would stay at around 9:30 am. It was raining a little harder now, so I darted in the woods to get to my spot. As I am walking in I noticed two people leaning against a tree covered by a blue tarp. I walk slowly making noise so I wouldn’t startle them. I talked with them a while and did not get a good feeling about them so I prayed with them and moved on. I walked up to a bus stop cover and sat under there for about an hour while it poured down rain. I didn’t know what I was going to do now but walk and try to find another place. Once the rain let up a little I began to walk really not knowing where I was going to tell the truth just wandering really without a real plan and for me that was difficult. I walked and walked and along the way checked wooded areas as I came to them to see if there was a good spot and each time there were either signs of someone staying in the woods or there actually was someone. You really don’t want to stay in a place with others because really to be honest you do the same thing in the woods that most people do in their homes. (Wash up, use the restroom etc.) And you don’t like people walking up on you in your home so it goes in the woods.   I kept walking and looking feeling a little more desperate as I went. It really started to rain so I got under an overhang at a church to get out of it. By now everything is soaked, my clothes, backpack, what was inside the back pack so I just sat there frustrated, cold really wanting to stop this. I sat there and someone drove up they saw me and backed up and left. I continued to walk again after the rain let up a little. It is now around 12:00 so it’s only been a few hours and I can tell you it seemed like much longer. I check a couple more wooded areas but again each time there were people in them one trying to stay dry. About 2:30 I found a place to set up my tent that looked good and could not be seen from anyone on the road or walking around. I set the tent up in the rain and had a hard time keeping the inside dry as I did it. I was done setting up around 3:30 and I got inside and sat there wondering if it would ever stop raining. I then realized I had no water or food to eat so I began to hope the rain would stop so I could get out and get some water at the very least. Finally it let up so I unloaded my back pack of all the wet stuff so I would have something to carry the water.  I went to the gas station and had to buy a gallon jug of water and then I went to the Laundry mat to see if they would let me charge my phone and they did!!  Well, I sat there and then the bottom fell out it began to rain so hard I could not see the light pole in the parking lot. I began to wonder what was happening to my tent and how I was going to get back before dark because I had forgot my flashlight. I sit there until about 5:30 and realize it isn’t going to stop so I begin to walk.  I go into the woods and the path that I had taken was 6” under water so I wade back thinking my tent is probably soaked through. I get there and it is fine I get inside and try to figure out if I have anything that is dry and I don’t except my sleeping bag, a t-shirt and a pair of underwear that I had in a water proof bag thank God. Well I get into my sleeping bag at 6:15 and realize it is 12 hours until daylight and I am in a tent with lightning storms and Tornado watches going on.  As hard as it is for me to admit I was scared now and wanted to go home, but then I thought of those that don’t have a place to go home to and I prayed for them and it took my focus off of me .  Well I pulled out my bible (I did put that in a zip lock bag) and began to read and it helped with my fear also Gods word is cool like that. I tossed and turned and thought every noise was someone coming up on me, a tree coming down or a host of other things. It rained all night and I do mean all night hard and the wind blew as well. I probably slept 30min maybe an hour and then praise God it was daylight. Now What??

Some of my thoughts on Day 1:

Well day one was eye opening to say the least. I felt frustration, anger, fear, resentment, embarrassment, joy, and conviction all in the first day. I will tell you this, I noticed people don’t really notice what is going on around them most of the time we are all in such a hurry with our lives when there are people in need all around us.  I wanted to feel what they feel but had no idea how overwhelming it would be. The end of the day brought knowledge to me that no book had ever done.  I also thought sometimes it’s just easier to not know what is going on in the world around us it takes away the obligation to do something. But that is not what I read in God’s word those that are in need are His heart and who He talks about the most. We all need to just open our eyes there are needs all around us that God wants to meet through us but if we ignore the call they and we miss so many blessings. 

Day 2 coming soon!!!!!

"The Son of man did not come to be served, but to serve and give his life as ransom for many."
~Matthew 20:28

 The Greek word that is translated "serve" in the bible verse literally means to wait on tables and "ransom" means to liberate many from misery.